Message from the Director

The Center for Balanced Living is a program designed with you in mind. We understand that recovering from an eating disorder and/or trying to manage your weight after multiple diet failures is very difficult. If this were an easy task, you would have already succeeded! At CCBL you will work with a team of providers dedicated to seeing you through this process.

Our goal is to provide a unique, safe environment where you can share your current and past struggles. We will work together to create a future that allows you peace and self-acceptance. One of the complaints I often hear from clients is that their treatment providers focus either too much or too little on behaviors related to food. Here at CCBL we do focus on how you are eating, or not eating. We work with you to figure out how events in your life are being played out via how you are treating your body. Our philosophy is that healing happens from the inside out. When you start to accept yourself as a person, you can then begin to have a more respectful relationship with your body. How we help you with this will be as individual as you are. Treatment at CCBL is designed individually for each person who walks through the door.

Family members can be an important part of treatment. We offer support groups for family members. The purpose of these groups is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which to share what may be one of your family’s most difficult times. Other group members understand because they are experiencing many of the same struggles. Family therapy is also provided such that all members of the family receive guidance and support.

Do not hesitate to contact the center to request information about the services we provide. We are happy to work with clients who are seeing treatment providers outside of CCBL. Many of our services such as support groups, therapy groups, and nutrition groups may be useful additions to outpatient therapy. We are happy to work as a team with your general physician, psychiatrist, nutritionist, and therapist.

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