Charlotte Center for Balanced Living is a center dedicated to helping people live truly happy and fulfilling lives by learning how to take care of both our emotional and physical selves. Many of us express our emotions through food. We eat too little, eat too much, or eat but do not keep what we eat. Our lives are out of balance. It is very difficult to honor our lives and our selves when we do not treat our bodies well. Charlotte Center for Balanced Living is here to help. We help our clients understand how to find balance in their eating as well as in their emotional and physical well-being. We specialize in helping clients with disordered eating. This includes Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder. We also help individuals suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. You do not need to meet all criteria for one of these diagnoses, however, to experience distress related to eating and appearance. We are here to work with you as well.

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